We offer delivery to the bay area! Areas include, but are not limited, to Fremont, Milpitas, Cupertino, and San Jose.
Delivery times are between 11am-6pm
Orders must be placed one week before the desired delivery date.
The minimum for delivery is $300. Orders under $300 can be picked up from an appointed location.
If you are part of a group order, you may contact us for a custom order form (via email pacificfusioninc@gmail.com).

 Upcoming Delivery Dates:  Order Deadlines:
Friday, December 8
Thursday, December 14
Thursday, December 21
Thursday, November 30
Friday, December 8
Friday, December 15

Delivery Menu*
 Taiwanese Sausage
$8.50/1 lbs. 
 Specialty Sausage
(Lean, Garlic, Kaoliang Wine)
$9/1 lb. 
$10 / 2 lbs. 
 Ba-Wan (Pack of 10)  肉圓
 5-Spice Meat Roll (Pack of 2)  五香雞捲
Scallion Pancake (Pack of 4)   蔥油餅
Zha-Jiang   炸酱
 Braised Pork Belly  滷肉
 Beef Soup  紅燒牛肉湯 $6
 Taiwanese Golden Kimchi 黃金泡菜
 Pork Nugget (1 lb.)
*soup base NOT included.
+$1 per soup base
Shrimp Rolls (8 pieces)  蝦
 黑輪 $7/1 lb. 
*Prices applicable to the Bay Area. Southern California delivery prices vary.

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